Oceanize its recycled plastic in ever new products


CMT Lyng has started the development of a series of LED light sources - designed for a long life with recycled materials from Oceanize.

Under the brand name CircuLine ™, the Norwegian company has set itself the goal of developing a number of products that are both produced from recycled materials, and which can be recycled again in a perpetual, circular-economy cycle. First out are light sources, more specifically LED downlights.

- We will simply make sure that the rubbish for people can be placed on the ceiling, and give something as important as light, says CEO of CTM Lyng, Terje Lillemo who can inform that the company has filed a patent application to produce this type of products in recycled material.

Terje Lillemo, CEO of CMT Lyng

Support from the trade's environmental fund

Handelens Miljøfond supports a number of measures that stimulate the transition to a circular plastics economy, including the design of plastic products that can be recycled in the current waste system, or the development of closed cycles for specific products. The CircuLine® project has been awarded NOK 1 million.

- There is plastic in far more of the objects we surround ourselves with than most people realize. By using recycled plastic in lighting products, CTM Lyng has the potential to significantly reduce plastic use in the electrical industry. We look forward to seeing everything they can, and hope more producers can be inspired.

Hanne Hjelmungen Lorvik, Handelens Miljøfond

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