Equip the industry to be able to treat its own plastic waste from aquaculture


Oceanize initiates collaboration.

Oceanize in Nærøysund has made large investments in its facility, the result is that the plastic the company recycles is now of even higher quality. Oceanize establishes circular plastic circuits and collaborates with players throughout the value chain, from creators to manufacturers. The development would not have been possible without this collaboration, the company writes in a press release.

In line with Norway's plastics strategy, Oceanize is equipping Norway to be able to treat its own plastic waste from aquaculture.

- By exporting the plastic resources, all development is sent with the load, at the same time the basis for value creation and employment in Norway is removed, we do not want that, says Tormod Steen in Oceanize.

Oceanize communications manager Tormod Steen in front of recycled breeding cages ready for new life as walkways.


To deliver plastic resources of even higher quality, the company has initiated an innovation project in collaboration with Norner, one of Norway's foremost competence environments for plastics and plastic recycling. The goal of the project is to be able to add, among other things, antioxidants to the recycled plastic. This is to raise the quality and increase the service life.

- Plastic that is recycled often lacks important additives that make them suitable for a new life. We at Norner, our experts and laboratories work every day with such tailoring. This is very important for retaining mechanical properties, good resistance in a new product to sunlight and heat and for being able to be recycled again and again, says Ronny Ervik, senior consultant at Norner.

In practice, the investment of Oceanize recycled plastics involves approaching the quality of virgin plastics. The measure is a result of collaboration across the plastics value chain.

Recycled plastic now of even higher quality, a result of collaboration in the value chain.

Treated in Norway

In addition to the collaboration with Norner, the collaboration with Norwegian plastics manufacturers, retailers of aquaculture equipment and not least the aquaculture players has been a catalyst for the investments. Examples of this include the walkways Plasto currently produces from 100% recycled plastic from Oceanize as well as the world's first cage of recycled plastic that will see the light of day in a project between AKVA Group, Plasto and Oceanize.

-Our collaboration with all players in the value chain has been invaluable when we now reach a new milestone and have equipped the Norwegian aquaculture to handle its own plastic waste in Norway, Tormod Steen concludes in the report.

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