Ownerless sea plastic gets new life


Oceanize collaborates with Ogoori and beach cleaning groups

Every year, between 8 and 10 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea. In Norway, several beach cleaning groups have been initiated with the aim of clearing Norwegian beaches, islands and islets free of waste. Due to a decomposition time of up to several hundred years, much of the waste that is collected is plastic.

Strandryddegruppa In the same boat

Oceanize collaborates with Ogoori and the beach cleaning group In the same boat. Oceanize is the recipient of the ownerless marine plastic, here the plastic waste is sorted and recycled as plastic granules, Ogoori ensures that the ownerless marine plastic is recycled and takes shape in new products.

The plastic has degenerated over a long life in the sea, the quality has been reduced. Nevertheless, there are plastic manufacturers who can and will use the plastic in new products. This has a great value in the form of showing that plastic waste in the sea is resources that go astray. A visible proof is the furniture manufacturer Vestres Coast Bench, produced from ownerless sea plastic, collected through Ogoori and recycled by Oceanize

Coast Bench. Produced by Vestre

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